Do people treat you differently as an adoptive family? 

A researcher from Teesside University is conducting doctoral research into attitudes towards adoption and adoptive families. Examples of the attitudes you have experienced could be positive or negative, for example, other people viewing you as a hero for adopting or you feeling excluded as an adoptive parent. It could also show in the language used by people towards adoptive families, e.g. others having made insensitive remarks about your family, even though they are probably unintended or due to a lack of knowledge about adoption. 

The study will also look at the attitudes your adoptive child has experienced, such as people making judgements about them, people assuming they have the right to know your child´s full history, or bullying. You might also have encountered difficulties due to your child having special educational needs related to their life before adoption.

The researcher would be very interested to hear about your experiences and would conduct a 30-60 minute online interview with you. In order to rule out other sources of possible stigma, the researcher is looking for adoptive parents who would describe themselves as heterosexual, are not part of an ethnic minority group and whose child/children are aware of their adoptive status. 

If you think you would be interested in this, please get in touch with Heidi Mayer on [email protected] for further information, with no obligation for you to take part. Thank you.