The latest edition of Adoption Today has landed and here's a peek at what is inside:

  • Taking a different view of it
    Davy Hutton and Des McEnaney offer a guide to EMDR, a therapy that is proving successful in dealing with traumatic memory.
  • Teething problems
    Tooth brushing can become a battleground in any family. But, says Sarah Naish, it helps to understand reasons for reluctance and come armed with strategies.
  • Learning to live with FASD
    Adoption UK’s Director of Public Affairs and Communications Alison Woodhead, was touched and impressed when she met parents, carers and practitioners dealing with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, as well as those living with the condition.
  • A family on the other side of the world
    Single mum @instantmummy found support thousands of miles away when she travelled to Australia and introduced her son to her extended family.
  • Away from it all
    Holidays can be an issue for children who have experienced unsettlement, but with hotels, tour operators and travel companies waking up to additional needs, there are ways to reduce the stress.
  • The dream job: What happened next?
    An adoptive mum of two on the realities of parenting children with trauma.

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