The Journey of Life Bears: Special Offer

Jofli Bears, 'Journey of life' bears, can be used in a number of ways to help families navigate the emotional terrain along the adoption journey.

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  • Let's Learn Together -  England

    Let's Learn Together - England

    Education issues are a constant theme on Adoption UK’s helpline and in support groups across the UK. Teachers and parents are often unaware that adopted children’s early experiences can leave them vulnerable to varying degrees of distress and difficulty at school.

    £ 3.95

  • Let's Learn Together - Scotland

    Let's Learn Together - Scotland

    A guide for parents and teachers of adopted children in primary school in Scotland. This booklet was originally commissioned by the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board. This version has been amended to reflect the current policies and legislation as relevant to Scotland.

    £ 3.95


  • Caring Assets Summary Log

    Caring Assets Summary Log

    Originally developed for foster carers, this Summary Log book is a useful resource for adoptive parents and carers alike.

    £ 2.00