FASD conference: 100 pioneers

‘Today has been life changing’. Evie adoptive Mum to child with FASD. ‘I feel 10 times taller.’ Dave, adoptive Dad to child with FASD.Read more

Adoption UK responds to government consultation on school exclusions

Adoption UK has responded to a call for evidence on school exclusions, commissioned by Education Minister Damian Hinds MP.Read more

Adoption UK's chief executive on the BBC's The One Show discussing adopting children with disabilities

Adoption UK's chief executive, Dr Sue Armstrong Brown, appeared on the BBC's The One Show to discuss adopting children with disabilities. The feature began by sharing the story of single adopter to four children, Ben Carpenter.Read more

Adoption UK wants to hear about your child's well-being in school

Adoption UK is conducting a survey on ‘well-being in school’ to improve our understanding of adoptive families’ needs and to help inform the next phase of our campaigning on educationRead more

Toby Perkins MP: “We must tackle the issue of child to parent violence”

Labour MP Toby Perkins has urged the Government to commission, or support, much more detailed studies of child to parent violence (CPV) among adoptive families.Read more

Help Adoption UK respond to the Government’s consultation on children and young people’s mental health

Adoption UK will be responding to a government proposal for transforming children and young people’s mental health provision in England and Wales and invites members to contribute to its response.Read more

Adoption UK responds to review of foster care system in England

The Department for Education published a report this week about the fostering system in England, based on a stocktake that was launched in April 2017, led by government adviser Sir Martin Narey and children's social worker Mark Owers.Read more

Department for Education confirms Zahawi as Children’s Minister

A month after the Prime Minister’s cabinet reshuffle, Nadhim Zahawi MP has been officially announced as the new Children’s Minister.Read more

BMX superstar becomes Adoption UK ambassador

Adoption UK is delighted to announce that adoptee, author and BMX superstar John Buultjens has become the charity’s latest ambassador.Read more

Adoption UK responds to parliamentary committee Inquiry into adverse childhood experiences

Adoption UK has responded to a parliamentary committee inquiry into Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by highlighting a need for better evidence to inform support for adopted children.Read more

Adoption UK's annual conference hailed as 'best yet'

Adoption UK’s sell-out annual conference Attachment and Trauma in the Classroom has been hailed by those adoptive parents who attended, as the charity’s “best yet”.Read more

Adoption support boosted following Adoption UK member survey

Adoption UK has helped to secure an additional one million pounds of adoption support funding for families in England.Read more

Adopted children 20 times more likely to be excluded

A survey of adoptive parents has found their children are around 20 times more likely to be permanently excluded from school than their classmates, Adoption UK can reveal.Read more

Adoption UK responds to Department for Education figures

Adoption UK is saddened, but not surprised, to learn that fewer looked-after children were adopted in England in 2017, than in the previous year – for the second consecutive year.Read more

BBC/ADOPTION UK Survey: A Snapshot of modern day adoption

More than a quarter of adopted families are ‘in crisis’, according to a new survey from the BBC and charity Adoption UK.Read more