• Booklet: Meeting the Needs of Adopted and Permanently Placed Children

    This booklet covers essential information on education in England from early years to the end of secondary school, including several case studies and guidance on effective uses of Pupil Premium Plus.

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  • Factsheet: Flexi-schooling

    Although relatively uncommon, flexi-schooling can be an effective alternative way to approach your child’s education. In this short guide we explore what flexi-schooling is and look at the legal position across the UK.
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  • Factsheet: Elective Home Education

    Home education is becoming an increasingly common choice among adoptive families. If you are looking for alternatives to school-based education, this short guide explains some things you will need to know before you embark on this family journey.
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  • Guidance: Principles of Excellence in Relationships Education

    Originally produced by Fastn and endorsed by Adoption UK, this guidance for schools outlines the underlying principles of effective relationships education which are being used to influence how relationships education is being delivered throughout England.

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