We provide support to adopters and prospective adopters in Wales through a dedicated office, based in Cardiff. This page provides information on adoption and the kind of support we can provide for adopters in Wales.

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Adoption Register for England and Wales

Stores details of children awaiting adoption, whose own agency has not been able to find the right adoptive family, and details of approved adopters awaiting a placement whose agency has not been able to match them with appropriate children. Register staff use the information to see whether they can suggest possible 'matches' between children and prospective adopters.

Barnardo's Cymru

Aims to reach out to the most disadvantaged children, young people, families and communities in Wales to help ensure that every child has the best possible start in life. Services in Wales include families and activities centres; family link services providing support through short holidays and leisure opportunities for disabled children and young people; and support for young people with mental health concerns, such as self-harming, eating disorders and those suffering from mental and emotional distress.

Children in Wales

Charity and national umbrella organisation for those working with children and young people in Wales. Work includes promoting Wales-based research about children and families, acting as a focal point for campaigns supporting the interests of children and providing a public mouthpiece for children, especially the most disadvantaged.

Children's Commissioner for Wales

Champion for children in Wales. The Commissioner works to make sure that children and young people are safe from harm and that as many people as possible know about children's rights. Provides an Advice and Support service for children and young people, and the people who care about them, to have someone to turn to when they run out of all other options when dealing with a problem.

Independent Review Mechanism Cymru

The Independent Review Mechanism Cymru (IRM Cyrmu) independently reviews fostering or adoption applications where they have been declined by their agency. The Welsh Assembly has contracted BAAF Cymru to run IRM Cymru from 1 April 2010.