Adoption UK has embarked on a joint venture with PAC-UK, the country’s biggest independent adoption support agency, in a bid to provide a more comprehensive and cohesive level of support to everyone in the adoption community.

The venture gives both organisations a chance to benefit from a complementary range of skills, resources, and interests.

As part of this development, Adoption UK training is now delivered by PAC-UK and is available for spot purchase.

Our training aims to help both parents and professionals who support adopted children (and those in other forms of permanence) with the issues faced by children who have had a difficult start in life and may be experiencing the effects of developmental trauma.

In England we enable parents to access training in their local area by providing information on the Adoption Support Fund. Some parents also encourage their child’s school to have training via the Pupil Premium.

Take a look at what our training can do for you by clicking on the relevant button below.

                     Parents                                       Schools

In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, different routes to accessing training apply. Please contact the relevant office for further details here or contact the central Training Team

You can access our training via your local authority adoption team who purchases the training for 16-20 (depending on the training) adoptive parents.

This would be held in your area at a suitable venue and your agency would invite their parents to attend. This might be held on weekdays or Saturdays and we would supply a professional trainer, who is also an adoptive parent, and all the training materials required.

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