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This page includes a range of resources and training designed to make education a successful environment for children who have suffered early trauma, neglect or abuse.

Our resources and training will be of interest to you if you are:

  • a parent
  • a teacher
  • a teaching assistant
  • a SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator)
  • looking for ideas on how to spend Pupil Premium Plus
  • wanting to increase your understanding of the effects of early trauma, neglect or abuse.
  • looking for information to pass on to a school.

We can help with:

Join the campaign to make every school attachment-aware

Adoption UK has joined forces with the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), and others, in a bid to make every school attachment-aware. The aim is to provide all school leaders and teachers with knowledge, practical strategies, access to training, and a network of support through Adoption UK’s schools’ membership programme.

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Free downloads and videos

New guidance for Virtual School Heads and Designated Teachers
Virtual School Heads and Adopted Children.pdf
Designated Teachers and Adopted Children.pdf


Home Education Flyer

Home Education is becoming an increasingly popular choice, here are some things you might need to know if you decide to embark on this family journey.

Download the PDF by clicking here


Schools GuideMeeting the needs of adopted and permanently placed children
A guide for parents and carers of children in education in England

Download the PDF by clicking here


Welcoming An Adopted ChildWelcoming an Adopted Child into your Primary School
An introductory guide for schools to getting the best start at a new primary school for adopted children.

Download the Primary School PDF by clicking here.

We now also over guides for Nursery and Secondary School.

Download the Nursery PDF by clicking here
Download the Secondary School PDF by clicking here.

An Introduction to Pupil Premium Plus
Click Here to download the PDF


Pupil Case Studies

Seven case studies featuring common behavioural challenges faced by adopted children, the reasons behind the behaviour and a range of strategies for schools to try. 

Download the PDF by clicking here


Inner World World LogoSurvival in School e-resource
FREE handouts for your child or young person’s teacher or trusted adult at school/college to help them understand what survival states look like in the school/college environment. Click the link below to download the handouts. 


Raising awareness of the various traumas adopted children may bring with them to a school setting - video
Produced by Adoption UK Wales and with input from teachers and adoptive parents in Wales, this new video is about the importance of understanding adopted children and their needs in the education environment. Raising awareness of the various traumas adopted children may bring with them to a school setting, the video looks at the need for understanding by education professionals of adopted children in the classroom.

The video was funded by the Welsh Government as part of an ongoing programme of work to raise attainment of adopted children in school in Wales. Welsh subtitled version available here.
(The video displays the old Helpline number: for the new number and opening hours click here)

Trauma in the classroom: Learning lessons for neglected and abused children - powerful, five-minute DVD exploring the difficulties that adopted children may encounter in an educational setting as a result of the separation, loss and trauma they have experienced in their early lives.

From our shop

Let's learn together - A guide for parents and teachers of adopted children now available for purchase through our online shop.

Workshops & training

Children Who Struggle at School
Our Training team can tailor any of our workshops to your requirements - at a venue of your choice, for a maximum of 20 participants.

Teaching Staff Training (including inset): Life in the Classroom
This three-hour training session is specially designed to help those working with adopted children who are struggling in school.

Contact the team to discuss your needs further.



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PAC-UK Education Resources

PAC-UK LogoClick Here for a range of resources and training aimed at schools, families, education and social care professionals, to aid adopted children’s educational needs.

PAC-UK's Education Service

Click Here for a range of services to enable schools, parents and guardians and education and social care professionals to meet the needs of permanently placed children.


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