Improving Behaviour in Schools: A New Report from EEF

Based on a review of the available evidence and input from education practitioners, a new report from the Education Endowment Foundation provides six, evidence-based recommendations for improving behaviour in schools. Read more

The Curriculum for Wales: Putting Well-being at the Heart of Education

The new Draft Curriculum for Wales has been heralded as a “big culture change” by the education minister in Wales. Read more

Making the Most of Pupil Premium Plus

April is the month in which Pupil Premium Plus funding starts winging its way towards schools, local authorities and virtual schools across England. But what is this funding for, and how can it be put to good use? Read more

Please don’t label my lad as ‘bad’

I’ll never forget the panic that engulfed me - just days after starting work as a secondary school teacher - when one of my Year 8 pupils, suddenly climbed out of the classroom window mid-lesson, and scarpered off across the field. Read more

Priority School Admissions FAQs

If you are in the process of applying for a school place for your adopted child next September, you may already be aware that previously looked after children have priority admissions status in England. But what does this mean in practice? Read more

Teachers Who Care – thoughts from the author

Guest blog: Become and Voices from Care Cymru spoke to teachers from England and Wales to find out about their experiences of teaching students in care. Read more

Not Back to School

In the week that schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will open their doors to welcome students back for the start of a new year, tens of thousands of children will be staying at home. Read more