My New Year’s Resolution

Two days before Christmas the DfE announced an extra £12 million for the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) in England. The cash injection tops up this year’s already maxed-out allowance, and takes next year’s fund to £40 million. This is a welcome... Read more

What is your number one priority for government?

With the 2018 party conference season in full swing, we tweeted a question to adopters: ‘What is your No.1 priority for government?’ The responses were even more overwhelmingly clear than Labour members’ support for a final say on Brexit. Read more

An equal chance in school

Adoptive families are a passionate and outspoken lot about everything concerning adoption, but perhaps most of all about school. Read more

Looking back and looking forward

A year ago, I joined Adoption UK as chief executive. Beyond a doubt, the best part of the last 12 months has been the opportunities to meet adopters and hear your stories, which never fail to inspire and motivate me. Read more

FASD: The hidden epidemic

There’s a hidden epidemic that affects at least 2 out of every 100 people in the UK. It’s more common than autism. Around three quarters of looked-after children are at risk. Read more

Government Review of Schools Exclusions: make sure adoptive families are heard

Many of us reacted enthusiastically to the news that respected ex-children’s minister Edward Timpson has been appointed to chair the Department for Education’s exclusions review. Read more

Dr Sue Armstrong Brown on Children’s Mental Health Week 2018

Adopted children are just like other children. You can’t spot the difference just by looking at them. And they live with the same pressures as the person sitting next to them at school. Read more

Response to BASW Inquiry 19th January 2018

I attended the launch of the results of a 2 year internal inquiry by the British Association of Social Workers, into the role of social workers in adoption. Read more