Adopter Voice is your chance to influence and improve adoption services where you live, in your region and nationally. We are giving you the opportunity to share your experiences of adoption and to comment on local authority and government plans to change adoption services.

Your local authority, your regional adoption board and the national Adoption Leadership Board all want to hear what you have to say about adoption and Adopter Voice is the one place you can do that with the guarantee that your voice will be heard and your views will be represented.

What is Adopter Voice? Click Here to download this informative flyer for further information.

We are hosting online Adopter Voice Forums for every local authority in England and are running face to face forums in a number of local authorities too.

Adopter champions will then engage with regional boards and bring the lived experience of adoption into future decision making.

Joining the conversation

To take part, all you have to do is select up to five Forums for the local authorities with whom you've gone through the adoption process or from whom you are getting adoption support.

You need to login or register to access the Adopter Voice forums.
Once logged in, click on the Adopter Voice link at the top of the site.