Adoption UK can develop training to suit the needs of an agency, either for the agency staff or for their adopters. We can also assist with seeking funding for particular training programmes, such as Parenting Our Children or Parenting Our Teens.

Insights and Strategies below is specifically for professionals. For further information on programmes and workshops for your adopters and/or professionals, go here:

Parenting Our Children (or Teens)
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The training illuminates the whole of adoption. All adoptive parents and professionals who have an interest in adoption need to have this information,

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Insights and Strategies

Designed for social work, education and health care practitioners working with adoptive and foster families, this workshop builds upon the success of Adoption UK’s acclaimed ‘Parenting Our Children' parent’s support programme, and was developed in response to demand from practitioners.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of life in an adoptive or foster family and learn practical strategies to help support parents and carers.

They will also develop their understanding and expertise in dealing with issues of attachment and the ongoing effects of early trauma.


The workshop is participative and interactive, balancing theory with practical exercises. Pre-course reading is provided for all participants.

The training material will be delivered in ten hours, over two days, with topics divided into four separate sessions.


The workshop is broken down into four sessions:

  1. Expectations, realities and loss - this session looks at the realities of adoption and permanent foster care and addresses the loss issues for all concerned.
  2. Attachment, Difficulties and Repair Work - considers the causes and symptoms of attachment difficulties. It suggests how sensory experiences can be used to enhance the special relationship between parent and child.
  3. Effects of Early Trauma - develops an understanding of the child’s reactions and behaviour as a survival mechanism.
  4. Addressing the Effects - offers suggestions for creative parenting strategies. Practitioners can explore how they may use their learning to work with children and their adoptive parents or foster carers.


All Adoption UK’s experienced trainers are adoptive parents providing a unique perspective into living with hurt children. They come from a variety of professional backgrounds and all have completed Adoption UK’s ‘Training for Trainers’ programme.

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Agencies can purchase this training by dropping us an email on peertraining@pac-uk.org or alternatively calling Corrina on 01926 852877.