Brain Based Parenting: From mistrust to trust

Date: 23.04.16 09:45

Duration: 1 Day Event, 9:45am to 4:45pm

Cost Details: Members £70
Non members £84

Location: Leeds

SOLD OUT. Dr Dan Hughes and Dr Jon Baylin from the US have developed a brain-based approach to interventions with children who have been under or badly nurtured.

They will describe their concepts of ‘blocked trust’ and ‘blocked care’; look at ways to help under-nurtured children learn to trust trustworthy people; and take us through the processes that help children recover from blocked trust; reawaken their ability to seek comfort and experience the joy of good connections. The presenters will also discuss ways to strengthen your ability to be a trust builder.

Venue: Leeds United Football Club (Conference Suite),  Elland Road, Leeds LS11 0ES. Free parking available.

Why attend?

  • Get an overview or refresher on early experience and brain development for children who have experienced neglect and trauma.
  • Learn about processes that will support parents and other care-givers in caring for children who have experienced neglect and trauma.
  •  In particular, to understand the importance of reducing parental stress in order to promote secure attachment and techniques which support this.

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Any questions?

This conference is being run in collaboration between Adoption UK and PAC-UK

If you have any questions, please contact the Training team via email (training@adoptionuk.org.uk) or on 01295 752268 / 01926 852877.