Press & media

You can reach our press office on 01295 752960. Alternatively,ring the press office mobile 07584669577 or drop us an email on press@adoptionuk.org.uk.  

Key information

We can provide background information about adoption and related issues. You may also like to check out our position statements on adoption issues and our facts and figures page.

Case studies and Spokespeople

If you would like to interview someone about adoption related issues we can provide an Adoption UK spokesperson. We can also put you in touch with one of our media volunteers who can talk about their personal experience of adoption.

Sample case studies include:

  • Frank and Tommy: same sex adopters who adopted three boys aged 17,16 and nine. They say their lifestyle has changed dramatically since adopting but describe their parenting experience as 'incredibly rewarding'.
  • Maria: has experienced Child to Parent Violence (CPV) from her 11-year-old adopted son. She can talk about strategies she learned on a Non-Violent Resistance conference to diffuse potential flashpoints with her son. CPV enquiries to the Adoption UK helpline are on the increase.
  • Emily: single adoptive parent who adopted a child aged over the age of four. She can talk about how her local child psychology team helped her to understand her daughter's trauma and ultimately saved their relationship.  

Please get in touch on 01295 752960, via mobile 07584669577, or drop us an email on press@adoptionuk.org.uk to request a case study or spokesperson.