Board of Trustees

Our Trustees:

Our Board of Trustees meets four times a year to review the organisation’s work and services, and to agree strategic goals for the charity. The Board also reviews its own operation, effectiveness and governance.

A Finance Committee, comprising three Trustees, has specific responsibility for the organisation’s strategic financial planning and development and for monitoring the charity’s financial situation. It meets at least quarterly, with the Chief Executive, Finance Manager and Director of Adoption Support in attendance.

A Human Resources Committee, comprising three Trustees, has specific responsibility for:

  • Ensuring the organisation’s compliance with human resources legislation; and
  • Developing, monitoring and reviewing strategy and policy in all matters relating to the recruitment, selection, reward, retention, terms and conditions of employment, motivation and training/development of Adoption UK’s staff.

An annual review of the recruitment needs of the Board of Trustees is carried out under the leadership of the Chair, including an audit of the current knowledge, experience, skills and abilities, and how they will be affected by any Trustee departures in the future. 

Any Trustee vacancies are advertised nationally, including as a minimum Adoption Today magazine and Adoption UK’s website. Applicants are shortlisted against the criteria in the person specification for the role of Trustee, including any specific qualities highlighted during the above audit. Shortlisted applicants are invited for interview by at least two Trustees, one of whom will be the Chair. Shortlisted applicants are only appointed where they have the necessary skills and qualities to contribute effectively to the charity’s management and development.