We're determined to get the right support at the right time, from childhood into adulthood, for everyone who can't grow up in their birth families.

We connect people across the adoption community, support adopters and adoptees, and work with them to influence the decisions that affect their lives.

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As a member of Adoption UK, you can access a whole host of resources, webinars, support & community networks.


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We have secured spaces for some iconic events such as the London to Brighton Cycle Race and the Cardiff Half Marathon. See how we can support and help you on your journey to becoming a fundraising hero!


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News and blog posts

  • A letter to my younger self by Lillybelle

    Lillybelle, aged 11, has written a book about her adoption journey called In My Own Words. In her blog she writes about the advice she would give to her younger self. Read more

  • Child mental health services in crisis

    Last week news reports revealed that children who have made a serious attempt on their life are not meeting thresholds for mental health services. This bleak reality is not news to many children and young people with care experience and their families – adoptive parents, kinship carers and foster parents. Read more

  • Welsh government formally apologises for historic forced adoptions

    Today the Welsh Government Minister Julie Morgan formally apologised to Welsh mothers forced to give away their children in the 1950s, 60s and 70s because they were unmarried. Read more

  • Exam revision – a trauma-informed approach

    Is the pressure of exam season threatening the wellbeing and stability of your adoptive or kinship family? We asked young adults, parents and carers for their advice. Read more

  • New research reveals quarter of teachers considering leaving

    Read AUK’s response to a new report – Working lives of teachers and leaders. Teachers cannot give their best for children if they themselves are struggling, over-worked and unsupported. Read more

  • Chris, Joe and Cara’s story

    Cara was adopted by Chris and Joe when she was two years old. They write about Cara’s speech and language needs, how they taught Cara to sign and what parenting life is like for the two adoptive dads, both of whom are profoundly deaf. Read more