Using the Adopter Voice forums

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The Adopter Voice forums are a place for honest feedback, positive and negative, on your experience of local authority adoption services, whether that's as a prospective adopter or an adoptive family.

They are not private boards, however, so please bear this in mind when you are contributing. Anyone who has an online account and has 'joined' your local authority board will be able to see what you have posted.

We will be inviting local authority practitioners to comment directly on their own local Adopter Voice forum and to join in with the discussion.

We want to hear about good practice as well as bad. All your comments will be considered and will feed into the process of building an improved adoption system. See how the information will be passed on.

When information from the Adopter Voice forums is collated and fed back to local authorities and the regional Adoption Leadership Boards it will be anonymised.

Remember...if you are looking for support or advice from other adopters, please use the main Adoption UK forums.

Please tag your content, using the tags provided, as you post or comment. This will help us report back with hard numbers alongside your anecdotal evidence. If you think we need any different or additional terms, please email us your suggestion.

We will also be using the Forums to ask for your thoughts and opinions on suggested service developments. Your Adopter Champion may post questions or they may come directly from local authority practitioners.

If you need to update your Adopter Voice choices (ie. you are getting support from a new local authority) please contact the Online Team who will be able to assist.

Finally, although Adoption UK will maintain oversight of the Adopter Voice forums and respond to any reported topics we will not read every post. You can read our complete Adopter Voice rules of use and moderation policy here.