The Therapy Maze for Social Work Teams, Parents and Carers


  • Practitioners from children’s teams, and adoption and fostering teams who are supporting children who have experienced trauma, neglect or pre birth exposure to alcohol and drugs.
  • Adoptive parents and foster carers who are supporting these children.

The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of a wide range of different therapeutic interventions and explains in lay terms why, how and when they may be effective. It also helps practitioners, parents and carers understand why and when to seek out other support apart from or in addition to a commissioned therapeutic intervention. This workshop is delivered by a non mental health professional and aims to make the subject more accessible to other non mental health professionals. Information is also provided about universal services which do not require a social work referral. This course provides useful team development for Adoption Support, Fostering and LAC teams enabling them to discuss their interventions and signposting/referrals


By the end of this 1 day workshop participants will:

  • Have an increased understanding of the neuro/physiological issues that affect children’s behaviour
  • Have an overview of the various kinds of therapy/interventions/support available and when they may be useful to children and their families
  • Have an increased understanding of the terms used when discussing therapeutic interventions and other support available
  • Considered whether specific interventions by therapists/clinicians would be beneficial


Philippa Williams, Early Intervention and Support Manager for Adoption UK in Wales and a consultant trainer for the Fostering Network. Philippa is a qualified trainer, NVR practitioner and parent consultant for Adoption UK. She also has experience working as a Service User/Carer representative for NICE, SCIE and Cardiff University and sits on the IRM Cymru panel. Prior to joining Adoption UK in 2014, she volunteered for the charity for several years and managed a project at The Fostering Network for 10 years.

This course can be commissioned for delivery to groups of up to 20 staff/parents/carers and tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.   

Following on from this course, Adoption UK is able to offer a one-to-one peer support service for adoptive parents. This service is outcome focussed and chargeable. It would involve a set number of agreed face-to-face or telephone sessions with the parent(s). This is in addition to our helpline service.


£750 if the venue and refreshments are provided by the commissioner.

(If Adoption UK provides the venue and refreshments the cost will be the day delegate rate charged by the venue per head plus 10% for administration costs for arranging the venue.)

Book your place by emailing us [email protected]

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