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We provide adoptive parents with the information and support needed to help them build brighter futures for society's most vulnerable children.

With your help, we can reach and support more of the estimated 38,000 adoptive families in the UK. 

Why do adoptive families need support?

Adoption has changed significantly since the 1970s.

Today, there are very few relinquished babies, whose birth parents choose to have their child adopted. Instead, the majority of adoptions today involve older children who have been removed from abusive and neglectful backgrounds. Today, there are over 3,000 children waiting in the UK care system for adoption.

Many adopted children require ongoing support to overcome the impact of their early experiences

Adoption can provide a safe, permanent home for these children and can transform lives. However, for many adopted children, their difficult and traumatic starts in life can lead to developmental, emotional, behavioural or educational difficulties for which they require ongoing support to overcome.

Adoptive parents often require ongoing, specialist support to help them meet their children's needs.

Parenting a traumatised child requires a different kind of parenting and it is vital for the success of many adoptive placements that adopters receive the correct post-adoption support, too. However, in a landscape of varying statutory support entitlements, many families are left to deal with the complexities of adoption on their own. Sadly, some families experience their adoption breaking down completely with children returning to the care system.

Adoption UK provides adoptive parents with the information and support needed to help them build brighter futures for society's most vulnerable children. 

Why does Adoption UK need your support?

We rely on the generosity of our members and supporters to reach more adoptive families and to continue to provide them with the information and support needed to help adoptions succeed.

"We adopted three children in 2008 and we know how hard it has been for us over that time and the mountains we have had to climb of feeling isolated and alone and dealing with the ignorance of issues of adoption that persist in so many areas of our society"
Gary Hargreaves

We are a registered charity and receive little government funding. Every penny raised by our supporters helps us ensure the best outcomes for adoptive families.

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