Stuart Guest

Adoptive Parent & Head Teacher – Colebourne Primary School, Birmingham

"When reading forums and talking to parents of adopted children, one of the biggest issues is about mainstream schools and their lack of understanding and support for children with early trauma and attachment difficulties. 

So, what can mainstream schools do to understand and support children who have experienced trauma? 

How can parents effectively work with schools to ensure the best possible chances of success? 

What's going on with all the rewards and sanctions?

And is pupil premium plus really helpful at all?"

Stuart's talk will explore the above questions and more in the context of mainstream education with the aim to give some practical tips, examples and resources to help improve the chances of success for your child in a mainstream setting. 

Stuart has over 10 years experience of mainstream primary headship and have developed a range of attachment friendly approaches for behaviour, homework, tracking of trauma, and more in order to help meet the needs of all children in a mainstream primary school.

He is also a father of a birth child (12) and two adopted children (4 and 7) who have different attachment styles; all 3 having different experiences of mainstream schooling!

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