Let's Learn Together - Scotland

A guide for parents and teachers of adopted children in primary school in Scotland.

This booklet was originally commissioned by the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board. This version has been amended to reflect the current policies and legislation as relevant to Scotland. The original was written by an adopter, Shelia Lavery, and it has been updated by an adopter, with contributions from other adoptive parents, using recommendations from internationally renowned experts on trauma and attachment, plus a wealth of information from Adoption UK and Enquire.

Its purpose is to give adoptive parents and teachers an insight into how early relational trauma affects brain development, why school can be challenging for adopted children, and how we can help to improve the experience for all children by paying attention to the needs of the most vulnerable.

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"Excellent. An invaluable resource for families and professionals trying to meet the needs of children with attachment difficulties. It makes such sense when working with children to understand with empathy the child or, more often than not, the behaviours with which the child is presenting. This booklet should support and empower schools and families to deliver a truly child-centred approach and really make a difference to children with attachment difficulties and trauma histories.”

Mary Roulston, Headteacher

“We know of many adoptive parents and foster carers who would be very pleased to have this information. Specific useful strategies make it a valuable resource for parents and teachers alike.”

Dungannon & Armagh Family Placement Team

Published 2017 by Adoption UK
56 pages