Let's Learn Together - England

Education issues are a constant theme on Adoption UK’s helpline and in support groups across the UK. Teachers and parents are often unaware that adopted children’s early experiences can leave them vulnerable to varying degrees of distress and difficulty at school.

Shelia Lavery's updated booklet for England aims to provide insight into why these challenges might occur and guidance on how to manage key areas of difficulty to help adopted children thrive in primary school.

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What people are saying about Let's Learn Together - England:

"As a teacher dealing with special educational needs I find this book a helpful guide.  A lot of the information can be applied to any child who has emotional or psychological barriers to learning.It is particularly helpful in highlighting the early experiences of some adopted children and how that impacts on their interactions with school and teaching professionals."

Jacki Robertson, Specific Literacy Difficulties Specialist Teacher 

"This is a really useful guide that both parents and teachers will find very helpful in thinking about how to support adopted children in the classroom. Many adopted children struggle in school because of their early trauma and this is a resource that provides both clear explanations of why they have such difficulties as well as very handy tips on what parents and teachers can do to alleviate some of the difficulties and enable adopted children to make the most of their time at school."

Margaret, Adoption Support Social Worker 

Published 2015 by Adoption UK
56 pages

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