Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask - Programme 3

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Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask. Programme Three Adoptees Explore Questions of Identity

In the third programme of this three-part series we hear more from the adoptees themselves alongside experts from the adoption community putting their experiences into wider context

Track 1 - looks at the public attitude to adoption and what can often be hurtful and insensitive views. It also covers the notion that adoption is still difficult to handle and indeed, with two families - where do adoptees feel they belong?

Track 2 - adoptees and how they make sense of their story. 'Duality' is central to adoptees experiences. This track also contains helpful advice for adoptive parents, introducing the 'pebbling' technique - how to talk to your children about their adoption. Also discussed is the complex issue of whether to trace or not.

Track 3 - Who will I take after? This track looks at giving space to each family and building a resilient attitude to identity. It also looks at making sure adopted children have the opportunity to meet others like themselves, and the benefits of being amongst people who really understand adoption.


Adoptees (all real names changed)
Zara Phillips (adoptee and author of Mother Me)
Adoptive parent (real name changed)
Jan Banks (psychotherapist who works with adoptive families)
Holly van Gulden (Director, Adoptive Family Conseling Center, Minneapolis, USA, author and adoptive parent)

Total running time: 37 minutes and 21 seconds

Listen to an audio sample from Programme 3