Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask - Programme 2

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Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask - Programme Two Repairing the Damage: Therapeutic Parenting and Help at School

In the second programme of this three-part series, parents continue to provide revealing insights into the challenges and rewards of living and caring for traumatised children, concentrating on the role of therapeutic parenting and the role of school

Track 1 - looks at adoptive parents shattered dreams and how to seek help. It discusses the change in attitude needed to become a therapeutic parent and repairing the relationship between adult and child.

Track 2 - understanding your own reactions and what works for you. It also looks at fun and enjoyment and the balance between structure and nurture.

Track 3 - covers the area of attachment at school, and the implications for learning. This track also examines teachers' attitudes and roles and gives an easy to grasp understanding of executive functioning skills.

The programme concludes with an interview with Alan Burnell (Co-Director of Family Futures Consortium, London) on the support needed by adopted families and the positive note that adoption remains the best option for children from the care system, when given adequate information and support.


Adoptive parents (all real names changed)
Marion Allen (Educational Consultant, Family Futures and adoptive parent)
Jan Banks (psychotherapist who works with adoptive families)
Phyllis Booth (Clinical Director and co-founder, The Theraplay ® Institute)
Alan Burnell (Co-Director of Family Futures Consortium, London)
Jane Clark (therapist, Greenwich Attachment Project, London)
Liz Dickson (Head Teacher, St Michael's Primary School, Wapping, London)
Claire Friday (Support Manager, Adoption UK and adoptive parent)
Heather Geddes (educational psychologist and author of Attachment in the Classroom, Worth Publishing 2006)
Dan Hughes (clinical psychotherapist, developer of dyadic developmental psychotherapy and author)
Holly van Gulden (Director, Adoptive Family Conseling Center, Minneapolis, USA, author and adoptive parent)
Sheila Wharton (therapist, Greenwich Attachment Project, London)

Total running time: 64 minutes and 34 seconds

Listen to an audio sample from Programme 2