Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask - Programme 1

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Everything you always wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask - Programme One Trauma and Attachment: Causing Havoc

In this first programme of this unmissable series, parents provide revealing insights into the challenges and rewards of living and caring for traumatised children, and how they have dealt with helping their children overcome their early experiences. Therapists explain the issues around the behaviours and how they can be managed.

Track 1 - compares adoption with 30 or 40 years ago alongside the reality of adopting today - when children are adopted at an older age and have suffered emotional trauma.

Track 2 - explains why trauma and attachment are the keys to understanding social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Track 3 - What is 'developmental trauma'? Neuroscience explains the impact of early-life trauma on brain structure and brain chemistry.

Track 4 - looks at how attachment develops in healthy children and why children with healthy attachments feel safe. Children who lack secure attachment have to manage their own stress.

Track 5 - covers three behaviours: anger, lying and difficulty accepting change and the impact they can have on the family.

Track 6 - moves to the teenage years, which are often a tipping point for many families.

The programme concludes with the realisation that families need realistic information to help beat the statistic of 'one-third of adoptions fail, one-third struggle and only one-third work well'.

Programme contributors:

Adoptive parents (all real names changed)
A teenage adoptee (real name changed)
Jan Banks (psychotherapist who works with adoptive families)
Claire Friday (Support Manager, Adoption UK and adoptive parent)
Dan Hughes (clinical psychotherapist, developer of dyadic developmental psychotherapy and author)
Holly van Gulden (Director, Adoptive Family Counseling Center, Minneapolis, USA, author and adoptive parent)
Babette Rothschild (psychotherapist and author)
Sue Gerhardt (psychoanalytic psychotherapist and author of Why Love Matters (Routledge, 2004)
Eamon McCrory (clinical psychologist abd Co-Director of the Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit, University College London)
Phyllis Booth (Clinical Director and co-founder, The Theraplay ® Institute)

Total running time: 64 minutes and 55 seconds

Listen to an audio sample from Programme 1