Bubble Wrapped Children by Helen Oakwater

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This groundbreaking book explores the what, why, how and what if questions raised by this new problem and offers realistic answers.

Written in her characteristically conversational style Helen Oakwater, an experienced adopter, coach and trainer, incorporates theory, practice, metaphors, diagrams, models, neuroscience, anecdotes and case studies. She maps out the connections between trauma, child and brain development, empathy, thinking skills, grief, adolescence, contact, trust, truth telling and parenting styles from the multiple perspectives of birth parents, maltreated children, adopters and professionals.

Bubble Wrapped Children offers fresh thinking, radical solutions and practical strategies for foster and adoptive parents, teachers, social workers, health professionals, decision makers and all those who touch the lives of adopted, fostered and maltreated children.

Published 2010 by MX Publishing

232 pages