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Adoption Now
This title provides essential advice and information to new families and those at the start of the adoption process, as well as experienced adopters who are in need of ongoing support and guidance.

This easy to read guide contains invaluable articles by both authoritative therapists and experienced adopters, reflecting the very latest in research, thinking and legislation.

Subjects covered include preparation, matching and parenting strategies for helping a child who has suffered early trauma, neglect and/or abuse.

Articles include 'From Matching to Profiling' by Alan Burnell, 'The Muddled Language of Trauma' by Caroline Archer, and 'Child Abuse and Neglect: Effects on child development, brain development, psychopathology, and interpersonal relationships', by Arthur Becker-Weidman.

Adoption Now 2
Following the success of Adoption Now, Adoption Now 2 is an essential guide full of advice for prospective adopters and adoptive families.

The articles feature some of the most renowned names within the adoption community including child psychologist, Dan Hughes; author and parent, Kate Cairns; and special needs education expert, Jenny Dover.

From sibling placement to financial rights and adopted teens to effective parenting strategies, Adoption Now 2 is the perfect companion as you venture on your adoption journey.

Adoption Now 3
The latest addition to the Adoption Now series covers a breadth of subjects to help with your understanding of adoption issues. From preparation to life story books, trauma and its impact to dealing with a disruption, there are up-to-date views and insights from people who all have their own experiences of the subjects they have written about.

Adoption Now 3 also reflects the changing times we live in. It, therefore, includes information on social networking safeguards as websites, such as Facebook, start to impinge on our daily lives. It also features an in-depth look at how alcohol intake during pregnancy can and does affect children as this is becoming an issue for many families

The Adoption Now series is an indispensable tool for everyone involved in the adoption process.