Rosie's story

Adoptive parent Rosie spent her first Christmas together with her daughter Megan, as a “real family”, last year.   

Rosie said: “When my local authority refused to assess me as an adopter for the child I had been fostering a few years ago, Adoption UK was my first port of call for advice.

"The person I was put in contact with was very knowledgeable about adoption by foster carers and told me exactly what my rights were, as well as sharing some personal stories (anonymously of course) of other foster carers in the same position as me. The adviser helped me to understand the reasons for the LA's refusal (their reluctance to lose a foster carer they had invested in and their concerns about a foster carer’s ability to make the transition from carer to adopter) and even offered to accompany me to any future meetings with the local authority, if I wanted an advocate for support."

Thankfully, after demonstrating her lifelong commitment to Megan, the local authority agreed to assess Rosie and the rest is history.

"We’re now looking forward to another Christmas together as a ‘real’ family," Rosie said. "Megan's beyond excited and we couldn’t be happier.

"After a traumatic early start in life Megan has her difficulties, and the absence of routine and sensory overload that comes with the holiday period presents its own challenges, but whenever we’re confronted with issues we haven’t met before, we scour the forum boards on the Adoption UK website for tips. There’s rarely a problem an adopter somewhere in the UK hasn’t been through before and I always come away armed with innovative new strategies to add to my box of coping tricks."

Rosie added: "The dedication, resilience and overwhelming love shines out from the personal testimonies on the site is truly inspiring and I’m proud to part of the adoption family.”

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