• Walking you through the Adoption Support Fund

    On 1 May, 2015 the Adoption Support Fund was made available to adopters throughout England. It brought more than £19 million extra funding on line to support families. We explain what support is provided by the fund and how to access it.

  • Successful school holidays

    School holidays can be a wonderful time to spend quality time as a family. Here are a few ideas to help fill the days – places to go on days out, activities for days in, and ways to keep the family entertained on those long, long journeys!

  • Listen Up - Speak Out!

    In 2013 we surveyed our members in N. Ireland about their experience of the adoption journey. The resulting report - Listen Up - Speak Out! - provides everyone in the adoption arena in N. Ireland a better, evidence based understanding of how adopters view the adoption process and the challenges they face.