Book review: Talk to Me

Talk to Me
Author: Heather Jones

A very good read for any parent or carer who has a child with communication difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder or a speech and language impairment. Heather Jones offers very practical, hands-on suggestions for getting your child to engage in conversation exchanges. Some of her personal suggestions included using trips to supermarket to aid communication and making day to day tasks into games. Practising potential conversations with your child, so that they can have small wins in communication exchanges. Using your child’s interests to encourage communication, i.e. watching films and then checking understanding by retelling the story and describing the emotions of characters during films. Using simple games, to encourage turn taking and conversation. 

The book is concise and is written in short manageable chunks, where each chapter focuses on a different method for encouraging and increasing conversation, allowing the reader to dip in and out according to what is of interest to them. At the end of each chapter, is a short summary and bullet points of the key strategies to use with your child.  The book is a personal journey and starts with general advice on ‘how to get your child talking’, which you can use at any age and finally ends with ‘Preparing for the first day at work’. The book is therefore relevant for parents/carers at any stage of their child’s journey. A very useful and thought provoking book, giving positive strategies, where the reader feels encouraged that they can take action to help their child.

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