We are committed to conducting, supporting, and disseminating research. Conducting our own research, and supporting the research of others, is essential to provide us with a strong evidence–base.

This evidence underpins much of the work we do, particularly our campaigning and lobbying efforts. With rigorous research and a strong evidence-base, we can better identify the needs of adoptive families and work more effectively to support our members. 

If you would like to apply for support from Adoption UK in undertaking research then please complete Adoption UK's research request form and return it the email address on the form. We will reply to your research request as soon as possible.

Latest research:
There is an exciting opportunity for adopters and adoptees to help out with a forthcoming research study - From care, to adoption, to parenting. If you are an adopter who is now grandparents or an adoptee who is a parent and you are interested then you can find out more here:


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