With our new website you will now need up to 2 separate logins depending on what you wish to access: one for the member’s area of the website (if you are a paying member of Adoption UK) and one for the Forum.

If you are a member and only wish to access the member’s only content and Children Who Wait then you only need a login for the new website.

If you are only a Forum user then you only need a login for the Forum. If you are an existing Forum user (from the old website) then you can carry on using your existing login.

If you need to access both the member’s areas and the Forum then you will need to have 2 logins.

The different ways to register and login are listed below:

New Website

New website registration:  www.adoptionuk.org/signup
Already a member and registered, login here:  www.adoptionuk.org/login


To use and post on the Adoption UK Forum, login here: https://forum.adoptionuk.org/user  
To register to use the Forum, click here: https://forum.adoptionuk.org/user/register 

We understand this may be confusing to begin with so any issues or queries please get in touch at [email protected]

Best Wishes
Online Community Team