PATH offer trauma-informed therapeutic support for social workers, children and adoptive families from a team of clinical psychologists, educational psychologists and psychotherapists with peer support from trained parent partners. Services include assessments, packages of support and bespoke needs-led services, delivered virtually and available to families across the UK. Our therapists draw from a range of approaches including psychological therapies, therapeutic parenting, non-violent resistance, DDP, therapeutic life story work, attachment and trauma-informed frameworks and sensory integration.


PATH Services


For families with children who may be experiencing the impact of early childhood trauma. This programme is aimed at families at the very beginning of their adoption journey with their child. The programme includes:

  • 10 session therapeutic parenting group facilitated by a psychologist or psychotherapist and a trained parent partner. The group focuses on relationships, attachments, early trauma, supporting parents, building understanding and developing strengths and strategies.
  • Individual support for parents outside of group sessions with a trained parent partner.

For families with children and young people up to the age of 25 years who may be experiencing the impact of early childhood trauma. The programme includes:

  • A 3-hour consultation with a psychologist/psychotherapist.
  • A 6-session reflective group for parents, facilitated by a psychologist/psychotherapist and one of our trained parent partners.
  • Individual support for parents with a parent partner.
Assessment of therapeutic need

For families and professionals who may feel ‘stuck’ with how best to move forward with meeting the needs of the child. The PATH team offers parents a psychological and trauma-informed assessment. This can work alongside tailored therapeutic support to develop skills and resources to provide safety and stability within family life.

Bespoke needs-led package of therapeutic intervention

Bespoke packages designed to meet the individual needs of the family and delivered by a trained and experienced psychologist or psychotherapist. Drawing on a range of approaches including psychological therapy for families and individuals, therapeutic parenting, NVR, DDP, therapeutic life story work, family systems, attachment and trauma-informed frameworks and sensory integration.

13-30 LLWYBR:PATH (Wales)

An online counselling service for adopted young people in Wales aged 13-30. This service includes eight therapeutic sessions with a qualified psychotherapist with the option of a further eight sessions.


Family testimonials

Read what families have said on receipt of their family psychology consultation meeting reports:

Family 1: “This report is incredible- I can't put into words how it feels to have our experiences and some explanations down on paper. This will be of great help to us and our family. It’s perfect as it is, no further input from us needed and no amends. Having the words to describe our situation and how to best nurture our daughter is really powerful. I look forward to sharing the final version with those in our close network that also care for our daughter. Thank you more than you know”.

Family 2: “Thank you for this.  Apologies, we had meant to respond saying how pleased we were with the report and how well we felt it captured our situation. If our appreciation could be passed onto the psychologist that would be much appreciated. We found the consultation and report, extremely helpful”. 

Family 3: “Thanks very much - A really helpful session and report.”


How to access PATH services

Funded through various routes including the Adoption Support Fund in England. Ask your social work team to contact us for more information.

If you would like to discuss a referral to our service, and how you can apply to the ASF, please contact us on [email protected]

We are happy to arrange an initial conversation with you to discuss how we can meet your family's needs.


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