Polly's story

Polly will be spending Christmas with her adoptive parents but she will also be exchanging festive cards and gifts with other members of her birth family, including her brother and her grandma. Polly with her birth grandmother

Polly, who was adopted when she was three months old, had no idea that she had a birth sibling until her brother Lee tracked her down on social media in 2013.

While Polly concedes that this was a huge shock for her, which resulted in her undergoing counselling, she says it all “turned out well in the end”.

Polly said: “My (adoptive) dad wished Lee a ‘Happy Christmas’ over the phone last year which was a big moment for me. It was the first time members from both of my families had communicated with one another. It was really special as I had been especially sensitive to the feelings of my parents when my brother appeared out-of-the-blue after so many years.

"But my dad is one of those wonderful people who can talk to anyone as though they're already his best friend! I handed him the phone and I remember him saying “HIYA LEE! Y'ALRIGHT?” and it was so nice to hear. They talked about football. I owe a lot to my dad's support for how well everything has gone.

“I’m also hoping to speak to Lee over the telephone on Christmas Day this year as well.”

Polly contacted Adoption UK for advice just before meeting up with her birth relatives, having been offered no counselling, or support, from elsewhere.

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