Parenting Our Children - Module Details

Parenting Our Children is split into six modules - here are all the details.

The six steps to empowered parenting

FootprintsThis six day programme is designed for up to 16 adoptive parents/carers who have had children placed for at least six months.

All of our training is delivered by experienced trainers who are also adoptive parents.

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Step one - Expectations, realities and loss

This module explores the common mismatch between the expectations of all those involved in the adoption process, and ther reality for those same people, primarily the parents and the children.

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Step two - Child development, developmental trauma and recovery

This module is core to the whole course. When we think about our car, it helps to have an understanding of how it works and what we need to do to keep it working well. With our traumatised children, we need to know how their bodies and brains are functioning in oder for us to be able to offer the most appropriate support.

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Step three - Claiming and belonging

This module will help your understanding of developmental re-parenting. You will also develop skills to interpret the non-verbal communication of our children as well as your understanding of the theory of sensory integration.

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Step four - Trauma and adaptive behaviour

The theme of self-care is again evident in this module, with an empahsis on the impact of parenting a traumatised child and the support mechanisms that can be accessed.

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Step five - Rewiring

This module is highly participative and uses scenarios provided by participants to allow discussion of parenting approaches. Trainers facilitate discussion about the interpretation of the behaviour manifested and supports parents to develop an approach that validates the children's feelings and lets them know that they are loved, despite their behaviour.

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Step six - Developing positive self-esteem and sense of identity

This module considers the development of the child's self-esteem through success in education and the possibility of accessing therapy. It also looks at contact with birth family members to consider whether any current contact is supportive or detrimental to your child.

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