Beyond the Adoption Order - Wales

The Welsh Government commissioned Bristol University to undertake research into adoption disruption in Wales. Read more

Beyond the Adoption Order: challenges, interventions and adoption disruption

DfE (Department for Education) report, written by Julie Selwyn, Dinithi Wijedasa, and Sarah Meakings. Read more

England's Adoption Leadership Board publishes 'myth busting' guides

At the end of 2014, England's National Adoption Leadership Board issued guidelines in response to several court judgements on adoption. Read more

It takes a village to raise a child

Research has shown that adoption offers a child far more stability than other forms of care and better outcomes, across a range of measures. Read more

Listen Up - report

In 2013 we surveyed our members in N. Ireland about their experience of the adoption journey. Read more

Meeting the needs of adopted and permanently placed children

Adoption UK’s guide Meeting the needs of adopted and permanently placed children - A guide for adoptive parents includes information about Virtual School Heads (VSHs), Designated Teachers (DTs), Priority School Admission and Pupil Premium Plus (PP+). Read more

The Care Inquiry Report: Making not breaking - building relationships for our most vulnerable children

Making not breaking: building relationships for our most vulnerable children. Eight leading charities joined forces to launch an inquiry into how best to provide stable and permanent homes for children in England who cannot live with their birth families. Read more

The provision and experience of adoption support services in Wales

Perspectives from adoption agencies and adoptive parents. The report was commissioned by the Welsh Government. Read more

Waiting to be parents: adopters' experiences of being recruited

In 2010 we carried out a survey of our membership to understand their experiences of being recruited as adopters and of the assessment and preparation process. Read more