Getting Ready for Placement

Two-day workshop providing insights for approved adopters waiting for a child to be placed.

Who should attend?

  • Prospective parents after approval and before placement.
  • Prospective parents during assessment.

This workshop will enable parents/carers to:

  • Describe feelings and experiences common to parents and children waiting for a placement.
  • Describe practical ways in which parents can prepare for family life.
  • Identify ways of helping the child move in to a new family.
  • Describe the process of attachment.
  • Describe ways in which parents can make connections with hurt children.
  • Identify sources of support and the importance of self care.

Please contact the Training Team (07497 606 839) if you would like to know more about how this workshop could be tailored to fit the needs of your approved adopters, or to register your interest in any open workshops we may be running near you.