Foetal Alcohol and Drug-Affected Children

This one-day workshop explores the long-term legacy for the child and the families who adopt or care for them, as well as developing strategies for their care.

Who should attend?

  • Adoptive parents and long term foster carers, pre or post-placement

This workshop will enable parents/carers to:

  • To consider what is meant by substance misuse.
  • To examine the effects of alcohol and drugs on children born to substance misusing parents.
  • To explore how parental substance misuse may be linked to attachment and other disorders.
  • To consider strategies for care at home, school and in the community.
  • To identify sources of further information, support and therapy.

Please contact the Training Team (07497 606 839) if you would like to know more about how this workshop could be tailored to fit the needs of your approved adopters, adoptive parents and or foster carers, or to register your interest in any open workshops we may be running near you.