Start your own fundraising group

Could you start your own Adoption UK fundraising group within your local area?

Setting up an Adoption UK fundraising group to support our work is a great way of getting involved. This could be with family and friends or neighbours down your street, within a group that you are part of such as church, gym, society or school/college and colleagues at work. 

There are some positive benefits to starting your own fundraising group:

  • Fundraising is a great way to meet new people and work together to help adopted children and their families 
  • 'Giving something back' and helping others is very rewarding
  • You can decide how many events you plan during the year, perhaps just one event or a series of different dates
  • Aim high and set a target that you would like to raise
  • You can decide how you would like to fundraise - perhaps have a theme such as arts and crafts, sell services like car washes or get involved with ‘food fundraising’
  • Fundraising can help develop new skills such as project, event and relationship management skills. This experience can be especially useful for students or those starting out in their career and is great to add to your CV and LinkedIn profile

How do I get started?

We really would like to hear your ideas so please call us on 01295 752260 or email at fundraising@adoptionuk.org.uk. We can offer lots of practical advice, support and ideas to help your events be a real success.

We can provide promotional items such as balloons, pens, collection tins and buckets and bespoke posters and help you publicise your event using social and regional media such as the local newspaper and radio station. Food fundraising

Getting it right...

There are some important rules and laws that apply to fundraisers that you need to be aware of;

  • Public collections - please contact us before you conduct a public collection as there are rules in place that you need to be aware of. A license is usually required from your local authority. If you are planning a collection at a supermarket or similar venue you must first seek written approval.
  • Raffles, lotteries and prize draws - please contact us and your local authority to understand what licenses may be required.

Other hints and tips...

  • Please make sure that your activity and venue are safe for all involved
  • Contact your local authority for advice on raffles and selling food
  • Supervise children at all times
  • Please ensure you have appropriate levels of insurance and first cover in place if applicable

 Contact us:

Fundraising@adoptionuk.org.uk / Tel: 01295 752260 - we look forward to hearing from you!