Young person’s guide to the Children and Families Bill

Published: 27.02.13

A guide aimed at children and young people has been released to explain how recent changes to family law may affect them.
Young person’s guide to the Children and Families Bill

The Children and Families Bill will reform the systems for adoption, looked after children, family justice and special educational needs. It will also introduce a new system of shared parental leave. The guide explains in accessible language what will change for children and families if the Bill gets agreed.

The changes affecting adoption are summarised in the guide. Improvements to the recruitment and support of adoptive parents are highlighted along with the changes to be made in the process to allow children to move in with their adoptive families sooner. Provisions that will affect contact with birth families are also detailed.

The Young Person's Guide to the Children and Families Bill was written at the request of the Government to help people get to grips with the new legislation.

Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson said:

"The Children and Families Bill is all about making children's lives better. We have asked for a young person's guide to be published as this Bill is so important to children, especially the most vulnerable in our society. We want them to be involved in decision making about them, understand our plans, and see how our changes will help to shape their futures."