Welcome news for adoptive families

Published: 11.09.13

The Government's announcement of a £19.3 million fund for adoption support is a breakthrough for the adoption system and, most importantly, adoptive families.
Welcome news for adoptive families

The Adoption Support Fund will pay for therapeutic services - such as cognitive therapy, play and music therapy, and intensive family support - helping children recover from their previous experiences, bond with their adoptive families and settle into their new lives.

The most influential advance so far in improving today’s adoption system

Our Chief Executive Hugh Thornbery, said:

'We believe that the Government's commitment to providing funding for adoption support has the potential to be the most influential advance so far in improving today's adoption system. With the majority of children currently waiting in care for adoption coming from a traumatised background this momentous development provides the foundation on which a successful adoption system can be built. Adoption UK welcomes the announcement as an imperative step towards solving the national adoption crisis, a step that we, as the voice of over 5,000 adopters have been calling for at great length, and one that we hope will encourage more people to come forward and meet the shortfall in adopters.'

One of our members, Sally Donovan, an adoptive parent of two, said:

'Adopted children like ours who have been traumatised by their early experiences deserve no less than good, consistent, free-of-charge therapeutic support when they need it. For too long the general assumption that adoption into a loving family is a panacea for early trauma has prevailed.'

'Until now accessing support has been an unnecessary and undeserved battle for adopters and their children, whose voices have not always been heard and respected' - Sally Donovan

We have been campaigning for the right to access adoption support in a timely manner for many years, and our members' support in this has been invaluable.

As Hugh explains, 'the findings of our recent survey of more than 1800 adopters on their needs and experience of adoption support along with in-depth focus groups with adopters has demonstrated to the Government that the need for adequate support is paramount.'

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