Watch Edward Timpson's "Meet the Minister" interview

Published: 18.06.15

Catch up with the First4Adoption interview with Children and Families Minister, Edward Timpson.
Watch Edward Timpson's

There was lots of useful information for adopters and prospective adopters in First4Adoption's interview with Children and Families Minister, Edward Timpson.

In the webcast, which took place on Wednesday 17 June, Timpson begins by talking about his personal experience of adoption, having grown up with adopted siblings, as well as regional adoption agencies, the Adoption Support Fund and adoption reforms.

Timpson is then asked a series of questions from adopters and prospective adopters. The first question put to Timpson, just over nine minutes in, is from Adoption UK's Senior Regional Manager Scott Casson-Rennie – an adoptive dad of three boys.

In an email, Scott asks: "How can we ensure adoptive parents are given speedy access to the ASF and if they're not - and need to have someone look into it - how do they do this?"

Watch Timpson's answer to Scott and the whole of the interview: