Supermarket shoppers donate hundreds of pounds to Adoption UK

Published: 15.06.15

A couple who hope to adopt a child have helped to raise £350 on behalf of Adoption UK at a West Midlands supermarket.
Supermarket shoppers donate hundreds of pounds to Adoption UK

Paul Delemere and his partner Adam gave up a relaxing Sunday, along with their friends Natalie and Zoe Ellis, to greet shoppers at Asda in Queslett Road, Great Barr, on 14th June.

Paul, who is the customer trading manager at the store, said: "We didn't think we'd raised that much money as it had been quite a slow day so when we counted the money up at the end we were quite pleasantly surprised!

"The public was really positive. So many people told us how they had been touched by the adoption process. About one-in-ten shoppers said they were adoptive parents, had been adopted themselves, or knew someone who was adopted, or had adopted.

"Both my colleagues and the shoppers were very generous and we had fun collecting which made it a great day."

Paul and Adam, who are both aged 25 and live in Birmingham, became members of Adoption UK after deciding they would like to adopt.

Paul continued: "Being in a same-sex relationship we considered all of our options around starting a family and concluded that adoption seems right for us as there are so many children in the care system. We feel we can offer a loving and stable home and all of our family live locally and they are very supportive of us."

Graham Brogden, Head of Fundraising for Adoption UK, said: "We are very grateful to Paul, Adam, Natalie and Zoe for kindly sacrificing more than six hours of their weekend to staff the collection - and of course to all of the Asda shoppers who generously donated on the day.

"Being a parent to a traumatised child requires a different kind of parenting and adoptive parents need support to do this. However, the most frequent feedback provided by adoptive families is they get minimal help and are largely left to struggle with the complex challenges of adoption on their own. Adoption UK is uniquely placed to provide this specialist support, raise awareness and understanding of the complexities of adoption by combining the knowledge and expertise from leading authorities in the field with the real-life experiences of adoptive parents."

More than 5,000 children were adopted last year and there are currently 6,000 waiting to find a permanent, loving home. Adoption UK helps prospective adopters through the adoption process and is a constant resource once a child has been placed, as issues can present themselves post adoption, even several years later. Providing an invaluable helpline, advice and training, Adoption UK also campaigns and lobbies for change and with the voice of members helps influence positive change for adoptive families.

If you would like to support Adoption UK please call the Fundraising Team on 01295 752240 or find out more here.

Pictured left to right, are: Adam, Natalie, Paul and Zoe.