Royal recognition for Adoption UK coordinator at Buckingham Palace

Published: 18.05.16

An Adoption UK coordinator was taken aback by the “breathtaking” beauty of Buckingham Palace when she attended the Queen’s Royal Garden Party.
Royal recognition for Adoption UK coordinator at Buckingham Palace

Tasha Wood also remarked how “fantastic” the Queen looks after coming within a couple of feet of the monarch, who recently turned 90.

Tasha, from Worcestershire, said she was “very proud” to have been nominated by Adoption UK in recognition of her six years service to the charity as a coordinator for the Worcester area. Adoption UK coordinators organise, host and manage events for our members in their local area.

Tasha, who attended the regal reception along with her husband John, on Tuesday 10 May, said: “It was a real surprise when I received the invite. I was delighted and we had a fantastic time, despite the weather.”

Tasha and John travelled to London by train and as they made their way across Hyde Park towards the palace, they saw hundreds of guests already forming orderly queues.

Tasha said: “It was a fascinating day for people-watching.  Some were in military uniform and there were people such as myself, who’d been invited in recognition of their charity and community work. We took a few photos outside of the gates to Buckingham Palace then went to a nearby pub for a quick drink before joining the queue.”

Tasha, whose adopted daughter is aged almost 10, said she was amazed by the “enormity” of the palace.

“I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace before so I was completely taken aback by its size”, she said, “you walk in and it’s all around you, it’s breathtaking. Then you get taken out into the garden - it’s huge, more like a park - and there were so many people! We then got a glimpse of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Alexandra.”

All of the guests were then ushered into three rows. Tasha, who also works as a project manager for the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service, said: “The Queen walked down our row and at one point she was only about two feet away from us. I must say she looks fantastic for her age.”

Tasha and John later enjoyed an afternoon tea of sandwiches and cake in the main tent before taking in the grounds.

“We saw Princess Alexandra as she left the royal tent, which was quite apt as our local hospital in Redditch is named after her!” she added.