Royal Garden Party invitation for Adoption UK volunteer

Published: 31.05.15

A former Adoption UK volunteer and her adopted son recently attended the Queen’s Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
Royal Garden Party invitation for Adoption UK volunteer

Marion Wassell said she was “very proud” to have been nominated by Adoption UK in recognition of the voluntary admin work she provided us with at our headquarters in Banbury, Oxfordshire, for three years.

Marion, aged 71, from nearby Bloxham, attended the regal reception along with her adopted son Carl, on Thursday 28th May.

The mother of three, who had to relinquish her role with Adoption UK last summer due to ill-health, said: “I feel slightly embarrassed to have been nominated but I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

“There are about 8,000 people at these events so you don’t really expect to see the royals but at one point the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice, the Duke and Duchess of Kent and Prince and Princess Michael were all within 10ft of us. 

“We were told not to take photographs so I didn’t take any as I’m inclined to follow the rules but Carl did, as did everyone else it seemed!”

Marion conceded that she had been slightly worried about their trip to the capital because of her recent ill-health.

“I was concerned about the queues and getting around at Buckingham Palace as I don’t walk very well but another guest kindly gave me her seat,” she explained.

Marion continued: “The highlight of the day has to be getting so close the Queen as she’s my favourite royal.

“I’m an admirer of the Queen as she does a sterling job and never puts a foot wrong so I was very excited.”

Marion and her husband Barry, who died in 2000, have two birth daughters and provided foster care for Carl when he was seven months old before adopting him when he was three. Carl, aged 37, now lives in Southampton and works in construction.

Her eldest daughter Rebecca, aged 42, is married with two daughters and teaches French at a forces school in Cyprus. Her younger daughter Claire, 41, is married with three children – two boys and a girl - and she works as a nursing sister at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.