Robert Goodwill MP is confirmed as Minister for Children and Families

Published: 03.07.17

Robert Goodwill MP’s appointment as Children and Families Minister has finally been confirmed following some speculation since the General Election earlier this month, about who would take on the portfolio. He will serve under Justine Greening MP, the Secretary of State for Education.
Robert Goodwill MP is confirmed as Minister for Children and Families

Adoption UK’s Chief Executive, Dr. Sue Armstrong Brown, has already written to Robert Goodwill MP to wish him well in his Ministerial role and seek early engagement with him to discuss the challenges faced by members.  She said:  “I am eager to build up a good relationship with the new Minister and to begin the dialogue around what policy improvements can be achieved during his tenure and how Adoption UK can support him in that important task.

“My priority is to ensure that the Government is committed to a continuation of funding to support adoptive families through the development of the Adoption Support Fund in England. I will also hope to work with Mr Goodwill to secure priority access to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for adopted children and ensure every school becomes attachment-aware and adoption-friendly.

“In my letter, I explained that our adoptive community provides homes for vulnerable children, many of whom are suffering from trauma and loss, and the provision of support and specialist services are often key to making these relationships a success. Mr Goodwill will hold an expanded brief compared to his predecessor, so it will be critical to ensure that adopters voices are heard on the top corridor of DfE

“I am entirely focussed on improving the outcomes for adopted children, which begins with supporting their adoptive parents.” 

Mr Goodwill’s predecessor, Edward Timpson, had considerable personal insight into adoption and was responsible for far reaching achievements for adoptive families in England, including the establishment of the Adoption Support Fund.  

Mr Goodwill’s previous posts included Minister for Immigration and Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for Transport. He has been the Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby since 2005.

Mr Goodwill's ministerial portfolio www.gov.uk/government/people/robert-goodwill#current-roles