Our response to new adoption maps

Published: 24.12.13

Hugh Thornbery, Chief Executive of Adoption UK welcomes the publication of the National Adoption Maps.
Our response to new adoption maps

In response to today's publication of the National Adoption Maps Hugh Thornbery, Chief Executive of Adoption UK said:

"Adoption UK welcomes any initiative that will bring together prospective adopters and children waiting to be placed for adoption. With more than 4,000 children waiting in the care system for a forever family it is vital that we address the shortage of prospective adopters in England and reduce the growing number of children in care who are waiting for a stable, permanent and secure home in the form of an adoptive placement.

"Adoption UK knows from our membership that the guarantee of adoption support is crucial to helping people think positively about adopting children from care. Our recent survey found that more than two thirds of prospective adopters would be wary or would not consider adopting if adoption support was not available. We therefore have strongly welcomed the Government's adoption support fund. To meet the adopter recruitment challenge the Government and the adoption sector must remember that ongoing support packages are key to successful adoption placements.

"The National Adoption Maps allow prospective adopters to see the number of children awaiting adoption in areas across England. We hope that by broadening the pool of prospective adopters each child will have the greatest chance of finding the right family, particularly as we know that the right match for a child may be outside of the area they live in."