In the News: Ofsted & nurseries, flexible schooling

Published: 08.08.13

A round up of the latest features and articles relevant to adoptive families.
In the News: Ofsted & nurseries, flexible schooling

Ofsted confirms tougher inspections for nurseries and pre-schools

Nurseries that are not judged to be good by Ofsted will have two years to improve or face an inadequate grading, the education watchdog has announced. CYP 2/8/13

Parenting troubled teenagers

Relationship counselling service Relate is now offering telephone support to parents of troubled teenagers. Relate

Pakistan talk-show host gives away babies live on air

Two abandoned infant girls rescued by aid organisation given to childless families on TV. Guardian 1/8/13

Abuse, adoption and epigenetics

A recent Guardian article brought to light the harrowing circumstances of parents of adopted children who were left to confront major behavioural problems and violence without adequate institutional support.
Huffington Post 31/7/13

Flexible schooling for summer born children

The Department for Education has published advice for local authorities,schools and parents on the admission of summer born children, which states schools can decide when to admit children. DFE 29/7/13

Fathers to be offered a month's paternity leave under LibDem plans

New fathers should be entitled to a month's paternity leave on a 'use it or lose it' process basis according to a new policy proposed by the Liberal Democrats. Telegraph 5/8/13

Ask FM: is there a way to make it safe?

Pressure on parents as social media linked to bullying death.
Guardian 6/7/13