In the News: Competition in children's social work

Published: 12.11.13

A round up of the latest features and articles relevant to adoptive families.
In the News: Competition in children's social work

Bill amendment prompts social work competition fears
A late amendment to the Children and Families Bill could open up children’s social work to much greater competition, the National Children’s Bureau has warned. CYP 11/11/13

Rise in care applications
Latest figures from the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service show the number of care applications made in October was the second highest month in 2013 and represents a two per cent increase compared to those received in October 2012. Cafcass

Why are love and care no longer a part of child social work?
Social worker Jenni Randall and one of her early clients, David Akinsanya, say they are living proof of the importance of relationships for looked-after children. Guardian 6/11/13

Impact of government spending cuts on early intervention
Action for Children has published the Red Book 2013 which explores the impact of cuts in government spending on early intervention services and its effect on vulnerable children and families. Action for Children

Stopping the cycle of successive children being taken into care
Senior practitioner Kym Hackett argues there needs to be more attention paid to the reasons women continue having children when they have had others removed. CYP 8/11/13

Why the term ‘foster carer’ is a problem
Current looked after children systems work against attachment theories, argues a therapeutic social work practitioner. Community Care 7/11/13