In the News: Adoption contact rules set to change in Wales

Published: 15.08.14

This week's round up of looked after children and adoption-related news
In the News: Adoption contact rules set to change in Wales

Councils receive Staying Put funding allocations
The Government announces how much each council will receive this year to extend support to age 21 for young people in foster care. CYPN 08.08.14

How do I keep my children safe online?
Professionals from the internet security world explain the advice they give to their own offspring. The Guardian 11.08.14

Foster carers to get training to enhance children's educational prospects
London training scheme seeks to help 2,000 foster carers and training staff. Community Care 11.08.14

Last refuge for children excluded from school 
New government figures indicate exclusions are rising but what becomes of pupils who are repeatedly banned? The Guardian 12.08.14

Care applications reached all time high in July, Cafcass reveals 
Cafcass received highest number of applications ever recorded in a single month. Community Care 13.08.14

Children facing 'unacceptable' delays for mental health care, says council leaders 
Leaders believe only overhaul of children's mental health system can now ensure improvement. Community Care 13.08.14

Adoption contact rules set to change in Wales 
Children and grandchildren of adopted people could soon have the right to make contact with their parent's birth family. BBC News 15.08.14